Local Data

Interactive data reports and dashboards are below. Most can be filtered by subregion, population type, and program type. If you don't find what you are looking for you may request a customized data report using our Data Request Form.

PIT Infogram Dashboard 250x250.png
PIT Trends 250.png
QPIT Dashboard 250x250.png
Annual Point In Time

Point In Time Count

CoC Dashboard | Quarterly PIT Counts

Youth Count Survey 250x250.png

AHAR 250x250.png

Housing Inventory 3x3.png
Annual Youth Count

Annual Homeless
Assessment Report

Housing Inventory

SYS PM 250x250.png

APR Dashboard 250x250.png

HUD Dashboard 250x250.png
System Performance

Coming Soon | Quarterly APRs

HUD DashboardReport

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