HMIS & Reporting

The CoCs Homeless Management Information System is housed in ETO ASIST-- a web-enabled data collection and reporting system provided by Social Solutions and administered by the MA Department of Housing and Community Development(DHCD). ETO ASIST uses a reporting platform called provided by Simtech Solutions.

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HMIS Intro: FAQs, Privacy and Confidentiality, and CH Definition

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has extensive information about HMISat the HUD Exchange. Our FAQs and checklists provide a basic overview.

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Chronic Homeless Definition in effect as of 12/4/2015

Local HMIS Frequently Asked Questions

3 County CoC Privacy & Confidentiality info

--- CoC Privacy and Confidentiality Checklist

--- CoC Privacy and Confidentiality Packet

--- CoC Release of Information (ROI) template

--- MA Privacy Law
----HMIS providers must adhere to the MA 201 CMR 1700 along with HUD privacy and security rules and regs

HMIS Training Materials

HMIS Project Staff can provide training and technical assistance related to all CoC reporting platforms and requirements. Email usto schedule an in-person or virtual meeting.

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Social Solutions' HMIS Basic User Training

Quick tutorial: Enroll an existing client in a program in ETO ASIST

HUDs Webinar on defining chronic homelessness

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HUD Data Standards Tutorial

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3 County CoC Training Materials

Data Collection, Data Quality and the New Data Standards

Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security

HMIS 101: Basic user training for ETO ASIST

3 County CoC HMIS Guidance

Collecting information to determine chronic homeless status

Local HMIS Data Collection & Reporting Visual Overview

HMIS Intake and Exit Forms

HMIS Intake and Exit forms have been updated to reflect the most recent changes required by HUD. PATH, RHY and SSVF programs need to use different forms; please contact usfor more info.

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Note: These forms have been updated to meet October 2017 HUD Data Standards

CoC Intake Form

CoC Supplemental Family Intake Form

CoC Annual Assessment Form

CoC Exit Form

TH and PSH Flowchart - Determining homeless history

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HUDs Data Collection Forms page


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3 County CoCs Guide to Getting Started (zipped folder)

DHCD Orientation Packet (zipped folder)

x Or go directly to documents to sign & send to get an ETO account:

--- ETO ASIST Participation Agreement

--- Designation of site administrator and authorized signatory

. - -
--- User Request Form

ETO ASIST User Manual

Social Solutions' HMIS User Manual

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Social Solutions' HMIS Basic User Training

Social Solutions' All Online Trainings(click on Training Demos tab)

HMIS Reporting:

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Getting Started with

link icon.jpg log-in

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How to Add a New User in

HMIS Data Quality

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Monthly Data Quality Reporting Procedure

Sample Data Quality Report - All DQ Fields


These monthly quick guides show you how to resolve common DQ problems!

Enroll a participant in ETO

Dismiss a participant in ETO

Create a family for a participant without one

Locating incorrect and missing CoC Codes

Fixing CoC Codes

Downloading a Data Validation Errors report into Excel



Acknowledgement: The 3 County CoC HMIS Project extends its appreciation to the HMIS Programof the State of Washington Commerce Department for the template used on this page. Thank you!