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The 3 County CoC covers all Massachusetts cities and towns within Berkshire, Franklin, and Hampshire Counties. The Hilltown CDCserves as the CoC Lead and oversees a CoC home page.

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The 3 County CoC is a collective of organizations and programs that provide homeless and housing services throughout the region. CoC funding comes from the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), although not all CoC providers are HUD-funded. Both the 3 County CoC and the Hampden County CoC participate in the Western Mass Network to End Homelessness,which provides coordination, facilitation and advocacy for the region's providers and allies.

CoC Documents & Links

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● CoC Board Charter

● CoC Overview Packet (for new grantees)

● CoC Written Standards - Updated 6-2016

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CoC Cornerat the Western MA Network to End Homelessness

CoC Pageat Hilltown CDC, our CoC Lead

CoC Infoat HUD Exchange

HMIS Project

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● CoC HMIS Governance Policy

● CoC HMIS Policy and Procedures Manual

● HMIS Annual Performance Report(most recent)

● CoC HMIS Data Release Policy

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HMIS Data Request Form

2017 CoC Program Application

(the NOFA)

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2017 New and Renewal Applicant Packet

Renewal Project Ranking and Evaluation Criteria

Project Ranking and Evaluation Toolkit (zipped folder)

● Results: Systems Performance Measures Report

● Results: HDX Competition Report

● Results: 2017 Final Project Rankings

● 2017 CoC Program Application Submission - coming soon!

2017 CoC Annual Meeting

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2017 Annual Meeting Agenda

● 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes - coming soon!