We've created this Wiki for two reasons:

1) To offer a handy resource for CoC providers; and

2) While doing so, to provide a portal to data reports that may be of use to our extended community.

We want this Wiki to be an effective tool, so please provide feedback if you have suggestions.

And please see the Data Request page if you can't find what you need.

The 3 County CoC HMIS Wiki is curated by Andrea Miller of Waypoints Consulting,who serves as the CoCs HMIS Project Director. Andrea's relevant experience includes applied research, evaluation, and data management in mental health, public health, and homeless services settings. Rumor has it that Andrea is a data geek who loves datascapes as much as backcountry landscapes.When in the frontcountry, she works with nonprofits, government agencies, and grassroots organizations to help foster change through the use of information, metrics, and localized knowledge. Questions, or comments? Email us: wma.waypoints (at) gmail (dot) com